‘We were looking for a WordPress partner who was willing to assist us technically.’

From automation to hosting

For Distrilab B.V. from Leusden, I had the opportunity to automate a process and take control of multiple websites. I discussed this with Martijn Oosterhof, who is the operations manager at Distrilab. We will talk about his experience with my services and approach.

Martijn, you are the first customer I get to interview. A great start, and thank you for that. What challenges did Distrilab face before becoming a customer of Webathletes?

Of course, Jeroen, you’re welcome. At Distrilab, we had a well-organized online presence, but we wanted more autonomy over our websites. Our existing website was complex and didn’t meet our needs. After some research, we concluded that WordPress was the right choice for us. We chose a Divi theme and looked for a WordPress partner who could help us technically. One of my colleagues knew about your way of working and recommended contacting you.

That’s great to hear! What specifically attracted you to Webathletes?

I appreciate the small scale and personal approach. During our first contact, I felt that this was a good fit. Moreover, I think it’s important that an agency is accessible and can respond quickly. Communication with you is straightforward, and your office is on my way to work. If there’s anything I need, I can just stop by.

That’s indeed convenient, and you’re always welcome 🙂 What were the main challenges you faced in the old situation?

One of our biggest challenges was transferring our old sites to the new ones. The old sites were difficult to manage and lagged behind in terms of content. It took a lot of time and effort to make changes.

A challenge that came with this was preserving the functionality for requesting ‘quotes.’ This was already present on one of our previous sites. Additionally, we wanted to automatically import all product information from our CRM system, CASH. Previously, information was manually added based on Excel spreadsheets. Through synchronization between the CRM and the website, we could centrally manage and update product information.

There were quite a few technical challenges. How did you find the collaboration?

It was interesting to see how your vision sometimes differed from ours in the beginning. The critical thinking and questions you asked ultimately brought our perspectives together and helped move the project forward. It became a ‘piece of cake’ to understand each other.

That’s a good example of how discussions can lead to better results. How did you experience the process and transition to the new environment?

The transition to the new environment went smoothly, allowing us to make adjustments easily now. During this phase, you also created the proof of concept for the ‘ask a quote’ functionality and product synchronization. All product information is meticulously maintained. We are genuinely pleased with this. It saves a lot of (manual) work and time.

In the second phase, we gave you the green light to move all websites and domains. After a positive initial experience, we had no reason not to. We are happy with your approach, hosting service, and maintenance.

It’s great to hear that everything went smoothly. Finally, how would you summarize the collaboration with Webathletes? Any tips are also welcome, of course 🙂

In addition to fast hosting and process automation, we appreciate your personal attention and targeted solutions. Everything works perfectly, and we are very satisfied. You’ve helped us and respond quickly to our questions. So, we are happy with the collaboration. What frustrates me a bit is Asana, haha. Although I understand why you choose to process your tickets with it. It allows you to work quickly and efficiently for all your clients. But honestly, it can be frustrating at times.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Martijn. I also find the collaboration pleasant. You communicate clearly, and that works well. Your point about Asana is certainly understandable. It does help me work quickly and efficiently. Of course, you can also send me an email anytime 😉 A satisfied customer and a strong partnership are what it’s all about. I’m happy to assist you!

Are you also looking for a reliable WordPress partner? To optimize your hosting or automate a process? Feel free to contact me if I can assist you too.