My name is Jeroen Kloppenburg and I am the owner of Webatleten. As a web athlete, it is my goal to help you with all your technical web-related challenges every single day. From hosting to maintenance and even by developing customized websites with API integration. Years of knowledge and experience allow me to find a solution to any problem, from the smallest technical adjustments to large-scale projects. My goal? Giving you peace of mind. So you can focus on what you do best!

Shops, sites, e-learning, e-mail, software, hosting, maintenance, support, plugins, thema’s, api integrations, (speed) optimalisations, multilingualism, application management, WCAG and Workshops.


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The toolbox

To help demonstrate how I can meet your specific needs, I have created an overview of all my technologies and tools.

Would you like to be a winner, using smart and fast technology? Are you looking for top quality and a trusted place to host your website(s) or application? Then look no further! Do you have a new project that is technically challenging? Do you want to make technical changes to an existing website? Maybe you are in need of a (climate neutral) hosting partner or simply someone to support your online challenges, WordPress-related or otherwise? I would love to help you turn your project into a smashing success!

The number one plug-in to help you reach your goal 😉

Using my specific knowledge and flexibility, I get plugged into businesses and creative agencies with ambition. Are you interested in providing white label products or services to your customers? Look no further! I always find the best way to work with my clients, for example for:


  • Kimaatverbond
  • Rebellion Monkey
  • Merkbaar
  • Marjan Sterk
  • Taalswitch
  • Yourcoach
  • Groenekerken
  • Eyefinity
  • JTC Academy
  • XoXo Marketing
  • Ieke Booij
  • De Kap